Discover the Buzz about Beekeeping with Communiversity



Written by Cassie Lipp

Communiversity Instructor and Freelance Writer


Do you love the sweet taste of local honey, but don’t enjoy the cost? Would you like to boost your garden’s production by introducing more pollinators into the environment? Do you want to do your part to save the earth by restoring the vanishing bee population? Or, are you simply looking for a new hobby?

Whatever your reason is for beginning beekeeping, Communiversity offers an easy way to learn everything you need to know about getting started with a new course, The Buzz About Beekeeping. This two-week course covers topics for beginning beekeepers, from purchasing and starting a hive through how to survive your first winter.

Topics covered in the course include: basic biology of honey bees and why they are important; different types of bees, including where and when to buy them; tools of a beekeeper, installation of a hive and how to acclimate a queen bee; when to feed or treat your bees; and a review of the common problems or issues that may arise. An empty hive box and the components of the hive will be displayed during the class.

The Buzz About Beekeeping is taught by Luke Jett, a UC biomedical engineering student.

“A lot of people do not really know how to get started with beekeeping, and the setup and initial care can be overwhelming,” Jett said. “There is so much to learn, and this class is a convenient way to get started with confidence.”

Jett has been involved in recreational beekeeping for over three years and is a member of the SouthWestern Ohio Beekeepers Association.

The Buzz About Beekeeping meets on Mondays, January 22 and January 29 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The course fee is $59. UC faculty and staff are eligible to take the course at half price.

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