Become an Intrepid Traveler with UC Communiversity

A local travel education organization, Wanderlust:Wanderlearn, is offering a series of classes, through UC Communiversity, designed to turn the tepid traveler into an intrepid one. In 2007, Simone Kuzma founded this travel organization after traveling and living abroad for 10 years. Wanderlust:Wanderlearn’s mission is to empower people to become more capable and confident independent travelers.

“Being ‘capable’ means having the ‘skills.’ Our goal with Wanderlust:Wanderlearn is to give folks the tools they need to be more skillful travelers,” said Kuzma. One way to alleviate the stress of travel and become a skillful traveler is to register for UC Communiversity’s Intrepid Traveler classes.

Kuzma_Taj Mahal (2)

The series begins with Travel Logistics, on July 11, at UC’s Victory Parkway campus. New and experienced travelers will learn about passports and visas, entry requirements, how to choose a destination, how to create a budget, and international travel safety programs.

Once the flights are booked or Google Maps has planned out the route for your road trip, join Kuzma, on July 18, for Savvy Travel Tips and learn how to save money on travel and health insurance, cell phones and communication, electronics and adapters, plus discussion on immunizations, health concerns, and safety.

Solo and aspire to yolo? On July 25, Kuzma will offer Solo Travel and share information about the challenges and opportunities available to those who travel on their own, plus tips on how to travel smart — including following local customs and being safe — where to go, and how to travel solo.

Kuzma_Taj Mahal (1)

“Stress is very common in travelers. Change and putting yourself into unfamiliar environments is stressful to just about anyone,” said Kuzma. “But when we learn about the situation in advance — learn how to handle things like how to exchange money, how to communicate when you don’t speak the local language, how to not get sick while traveling — when you learn how to do these things in advance, it substantially reduces people’s stress levels and allows them to enjoy the experience rather than be stressed about it.”

For those who are thinking about Southeast Asia as a travel destination, on July 2, Kuzma will make Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar approachable to everyone in Destination: Southeast Asia. Learn where to go, what to eat (and what to be careful about), how to avoid travel fatigue, and the do’s and don’ts of what to wear. Basic tips on getting around and ideas where to stay will also be discussed.

Save 20% when you register for all 3 classes and become the Complete Intrepid Traveler! To Register, call 513-556-6932 or go online at 


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