Explore the Sour Side of Beer

Early in the 19th century, before refrigeration and fermentation, almost all beer was sour. More recently, this trend has been making a come-back with craft brewers intentionally adding bacteria to their brews for a complex taste.

beer crate-895939_640

In Cincinnati, we are fortunate to have a local craft brewery whose specialty is sours. Rivertown Brewery works diligently to handcraft a tenacious culture (people, yeast and bacteria) one beer at a time and enjoys the challenge of brewing consistently extraordinary beer that is both noteworthy and timeless. Sour beers get their tartness from bacteria wild yeasts, offering different flavors and aromas.


Jordan Young is the Lockland Director of Exceptional ExBEERience at Rivertown Brewery.  He has partnered with Communiversity to teach, Explore the Sour Side of Beers. In this class, you will discover how sour beers are fermented, what ingredients are used in each brew, and the mouth-puckering art of sipping sours. You will receive a full glass of your favorite sour in a take-home UC stein!

Join us Tuesday night at Rivertown Brewery for this ExBEERience!

Jordan’s favorite RTB Beer is Roebling on Nitro. Jordan says it’s a complex beer with a creamy texture, wonderful vanilla notes and a malty finish. When asked, Jordan said that if he was a beer ingredient, he’d pick yeast. According to Jordan, “Yeast makes the action happen.”

beer tasting



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