Transform the Way You Walk and Move

FLN Movement Intelligence_300Don’t be fooled: Future Life Now’s summer courses may be listed under fitness and health in Communiversity’s catalog, but they’re not traditional exercise classes.

“We offer ‘transform the way you move through life’ classes,” said Cynthia Allen, Feldenkrais practitioner at Future Life Now, a holistic practice in Northside that Allen owns with her husband and Neuro-Linguistic Programming master practitioner, Larry Wells.

“We use the word ‘move’ in its largest sense. Cells bumping around. Breathing in and out. Our shifting emotions. And, yes, what many of us call ‘physical’ movement is in that mix. But in the end, it is all movement,” said Allen.

Future Life Now kicked off its summer series at Communiversity at the University of Cincinnati on June 5 with its Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement course.

With its yoga-esque sounding name, it isn’t like yoga where one is learning asanas. Instead it continually stimulates the nervous system in ways that connect to functional activities.

“Both the Feldenkrais Method and Movement Intelligence are ways of learning about oneself through curiosity, sensation, and awareness,” said Allen. “It can be used effectively in rehabilitation, playing a better instrument, skateboarding, or aging more elegantly. If it hurts every time you reach for a glass, that isn’t just an ‘injury.’ It is also a poorly organized pattern of movement that needs an update in efficiency and ease.”

On June 22 and August 5, Future Life Now is hosting a Movement Intelligence: Tea and Learn class at their Northside studio. Allen will lead students through discussion, lecture, and movement on what it means to move intelligently. Registration is free for each class, but registration is required and limited to only five people.

For those experiencing jaw, neck, facial tension or pain, a four-week Feldenkrais series called Relaxed Jaw, Face and Neck starts on August 7 and continues through August 28. Allen will assist students in becoming aware of habits that are no longer serving, and offer new ways of being, sensing, and moving.

Students can learn how to improve posture, balancing, and walking in a four-week Movement Intelligence course, which begins on August 10 and ends on August 31.

“We will turn participants’ thinking about posture, balance, and walking on its head. It is always surprising to me when someone asks why anyone would need to learn more about walking. But quality walking is quality medicine. Next to nutrition, the way we stand and walk is the most important food we can give our entire being,” said Allen.

Check out all of Future Life Now classes offered in partnership with Communiversity:
Movement Intelligence: Tea and Learn (June 22 or August 5, FREE)
Movement Intelligence (August 10-31, 6-7:15 p.m., $80)
Relaxed Jaw, Face and Neck: A Feldenkrais Series (August 7-28, 6-7:15 p.m., $80)
Register at or call 513-556-6932.


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